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HOW Do You Change Your Insurance Agency’s Culture?

I recently had the privilege of spending the morning with a large agency in Massachusetts. As we discussed their challenges and how Astonish might be able to help them, the owner expressed that he needed to change some things in his agency (including some of his people). He said that he didn’t want his staff just coming in and going to their desks and working, he wanted them to have fun! He wanted them engaged. We then talked about the need for the culture of the agency to change. What does this mean? What is culture? From Wikipedia, organizational culture is defined as the "behavior of humans who are part of an organization and the meanings that the people attach to their actions. Culture Read more [...]

11 Barriers to Change

I’m reading Ken Blanchard’s book, “Leading at a Higher Level” and one particular section really hit me. In chapter 10, Blanchard talks about “Organizational Leadership” and why leading change is so important. No organization is perfect and a leader must strive to continually move the organization in the right direction. Sometimes that involves small changes and other times it involves drastic moves. In both cases the need to mange change effectively is a skill set every leader needs. Here’s a list of 11 Predictable Reasons Why Change Efforts Typically Fail (again from Blanchard’s book). 1. People leading the change think that announcing the change is the same as implementing Read more [...]

Loving and Serving Each Other – Digging a Bit Deeper

One of the values that we hold dear at Astonish is “loving and serving our client and each other”. I wanted to dig a bit deeper into that value. People use the word “love” all the time. I LOVE this pizza. I LOVE my Ipad. I LOVE going to the movies. The true meaning of the word “love” can get diluted and lose its meaning if we’re not careful. So what does it mean to “love and serve each other” when it comes to business? I think that this is an extremely important and powerful value if it is lived out in our lives. I “love” the Wikipedia definition of the word: "The unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another" It’s interesting that Wikipedia uses Read more [...]